Real Men ….. Defined

I have thought long and hard about the definition of a “real man”….realizing too well that many things could fill that definition…so I have elected to state some of the things “I” think a real man is.

Real Men love Jesus!

Real Men are a “father” to their children

Real Men are “husbands” to their wives

Real Men cry when their children hurt and when they are happy

Real Men make mistakes….then admit them without hesitation

Real Men never dye their hair or paint their nails

Real Men are never afraid to ask for directions

Real Men never get lost….see above

Real Men wear footwear of all types….most Real Men wear boots…of the western variety

Real Men carry more than one gun…and always more than one knife

Real Men will eat any wild game cooked…even if they can’t pronounce it

Real Men can say they are sorry…please forgive me

Real Men are everywhere….sometimes you just have to look real hard for them

Real Men like rifles that kick hard…even if they don’t …they say they do

Real Men wear Cowboy hats….even if they don’t look good in them

Real Men clean their fingernails with a knife….even if it hurts

Real Men can do laundry, dishes, cook, school homework, sew, change diapers, you get the idea

Real Men ain’t afraid to say I Love You…to whomever

Real Men have a lot of tools….mostly for looks

Real Men don’t mind watering their wives plants…well they do…but they don’t say anything

Real Men know when not to say anything….especially to their wives

Real Men don’t mind going to the grocery store…especially if they are hungry

Real Men refuse to go to Wal-Mart on Saturday afternoon

Real Men buy .22 bullets every time they go to Wal-Mart

Real Men are always on time….their wives make them late

Real Men are in great demand….especially today

Real Men love and respect their parents

Real Men ain’t afraid of the dentist….most don’t go

Real Men belong to the NRA….regardless of the insurance

Real Men think other Real Men are cool

Real Men can live anywhere….most are found in the south….north, east, and west!

Real Men are mentors and teachers and role models…without making millions of dollars a year

Real Men stand strong in the face of adversity….but are made weak by the grace of God

Real Men wear the same belt everyday….well they try to anyway

Real Men are a blessing….thank God for them all!

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