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9-11 A Christian Response

Hi Everybody – Just a note! We need to be careful of what we pass on to others. While I in no way agree with or am sympathetic with the happenings of Sept 11th, we must be careful that we do NOT become a part of promoting hatred. This is not only in direct contradiction of Christ’s teachings; it is contrary to human psychology. We will be come like that which we hate. The terrorists want us to hate them because then we become like them. You cannot fight hatred with hatred! Isn’t this at least part of the reason we are told to “Love our enemies.”? And “Pray for those who despitefully use you.” Those hated and their actions surely fit these two sayings. They used our planes and fuel to cause billions of dollars of destruction to our buildings and snuff out almost 3,000 of our lives. (When the Gospel was first proclaimed 3000 received Eternal life.)

They “hate” because they do not know “Love.” ” God is Love.” They do not know God and His love for them. They must try to appease god by their selfless actions; yes, even the maximum, giving their own life for his purposes – not in gaining converts, but in killing those who don’t (won’t) convert. They gave their lives to gain access to “heaven”. They don’t know that God loved them so much that HE gave His Son, who gave His life for them. The price has been paid already by Jesus Christ! – But they don’t know it.

Pray for their salvation, that they will hear the “Good News”, believe it, accept it and obey it. Did you know that there are already more Moslems in the USA than there are members of the Assembly of God churches? Just who is working and who is falling behind? WE also need to pray the their plans for evil will be thwarted, their lines of communication (Chain of command) will be confused and their plans will not be able to be carried out.

And pray for all those affected by what happened one year ago, that the God of all Consolation will touch hearts and bring healing, forgiveness and peace. May the grace of God and His peace be with all who read this. May He console you and may you feel His arms of love around you giving you the comfort that you need.

Blessed to Be a Blessing,
Jim Hosken
(Tampico, Tams., Mexico)